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Hector is an assertive and empathetic team leader, able to create a pleasant and productive atmosphere even in challenging situations.
I had the pleasure of working with him during his assignment as Senior Sales manager at Sironi. In my first experience as Store Manager, his help was crucial, especially in communicating with staff and managing the many tasks I had to face in this role.
From him, I learned how to be assertive and empathetic with different types of employees, how to have a good daily and long-term organisation of my activities as a manager, taking advantage of the technical and digital tools available in the company. In particular, he helped me in a difficult situation with an unmotivated employee who had difficulty seeing himself as part of our team, helping me to communicate productively with him by trying to involve him in the team and the company mission.
Hector's main characteristic is that he's able to put the people he works with at ease, managing to solve thorny issues without ever leaving out a smile.
If you need someone with good team leadership and management skills, he's the right person.
Michela Mastrella, store manager

I have collaborated with Hector on multiple projects and I’ve come to admire his professional integrity, optimism, and expert eye for making interactions seamless for the user. His methodical approach to building visual and information design through iterative improvements over time has resulted in the highest quality products I’ve developed.
Hector was instrumental during the development of Benatna (a culturally-sensitive sex education app). He not only came up with a unified visual design language that fosters the values of our vision, but also shaped our approach from the earliest drafts. It is not an overstatement to say that without his participation the project would’ve not achieved its goals.
Hector’s openness is a gift for the workplace. He actively supports an inclusive environment in which all team members feel empowered to raise concerns and engage in participatory design processes.
I’ve dedicated my professional life to work with oppressed and marginalized communities from a Human Rights approach and I have seen how important is to engage in respectful relationships with community members, and Hector has shown a natural proclivity to internalize the perspective of those who he designs with and for. I trust that Hector’s empathic nature can allow him to engage in design processes with any target group in mind.
I recommend Hector Pahaut without hesitations as a great asset for any team that needs an information designer. I trust him personally, his work as a professional, and I hope to continue collaborations with him in the future.
Pedro Poblete Lasserre, psychologist turned developer & vice-chair on the Melton Foundation board

I was lucky enough to experience Hector’s eager assistance and collaboration during his time as shared intern for the LA creative collective, The Life Aesthetic. Hector's organization, attention to detail, resourcefulness, enthusiasm, and willingness to take on a wide range of tasks are characteristics second only to his impressive maturity and communication skills. My only complaint is that the internship was for such a short period of time.
Allison Kunath, artist

It's rare to find a person who is at once intellectually intelligent, emotionally intelligent, socially confident, and a talented designer. Hector is all of that. I've been mentoring Hector now for a few months, but I definitely benefit from our relationship. He's an active member of The Greatness Studio community, organizing events on his own initiative and lending people a helping hand. He has a book quote for every situation, and he's helped me think differently about my mentoring practice & how I run my business. Hector's going places, and I'm grateful that I get to be a part of that.
Brian Pagán, design humanist

Hector is observant, a great listener and has above average communication skills, which make it easy to work together fluidly. He’s very detail oriented, organized with his work files, and is widely interested. Time and time again, Hector rose to the challenge during his internship with our creative collective here in Los Angeles. I would hire him in a heartbeat, and recommend him to any design studio looking for a boost to their team.
Thomas Brodahl, web design pioneer

I first worked with Hector on designing my website. He really took the time to get to know who I was and the various facets of the work I do. He is skillful, intuitive, a great communicator, an artist, and a really good person. I loved working with him and have enlisted his help on several projects since. It never feels like work to work with Hector. I love his aesthetic and his process, I fully trust and and count on him to get the job done in a timely and professional manner, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs design work in a heartbeat.
Hanne Steen, jack of all artistic trades

I was fascinated by Hector even before I really spoke to him. He comes across as pure human being who finds it important to come as you are, with an interesting point of view rather than a judgmental note. Hector puts himself in the center of his work; an attempt to show himself truthfully, whatever subject is being dealt with, in the hope of creating person-to-person experiences which foster reflection and self-development. He uses this space to bring about conversations on subjects which aren’t often openly talked about. Whether it be about sexuality, death, or anything else, Hector communicates in a way I appreciate and will be happy to continue discovering.
Liza Wolters, artist, soft person

Thank you for the tremendous consultation and design work you provided to me through your collaboration with my research program on Indigenous rights and governance at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada. Your professionalism and attention to detail were evident from our early communications in which you sought clarification about the task, scope, challenge, timelines, communication agreements and user preferences. Your thoughtful, highly informed approach to the design challenge was greatly appreciated in your services as a graphic designer and your creative direction to the illustrator. Your knowledge provided a culturally appropriate design on an international platform with and for Indigenous peoples.
Throughout our collaboration, you demonstrated excellent coordination skills in facilitating the design process with myself as the client, the developer, and the illustrator with our project that spanned three continents. Your professionalism, commitment to the task and larger scope of the project, sensitivity to the unique demands of our project combined with unfaltering patience throughout the entire process are laudable. Your ability to communicate and integrate information and feedback from all of the stakeholders resulted in a successfully dynamic design output.
Thank you for your contributions to the advancement of our work on Indigenous rights through your excellent design consultation, conceptualization, and execution.
Terry Mitchell, Ph.D.; Director, Indigenous Rights and Resource Governance Research Group; Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada


Hector heb ik in vier jaar leren kennen als een intelligente ontwerper. een plezier om mee te werken en te sparren. Hij is snel van begrip, oorspronkelijk en vrij in zijn benadering van ontwerpopgaven.
Jaap van Triest, master of design

Hector is een ontwerper die altijd verder denkt dan je vraagt. Hij heeft een groot inzicht in complexe vraagstukken en weet deze helder te vertalen. Werken met hem is een dialoog aangaan die dieper en verder reikt dan vormgeving. Ik zou Hector ook geen vormgever willen noemen, hoewel hij daar alle kwaliteiten voor heeft, is hij tevens een autonoom denker zoals een kunstenaar. Ook dat zou hij kunnen zijn. Voor mij is Hector een kunstenaar die ervoor heeft gekozen om via het ontwerpen te creëren. Trouw aan de regels van vormgeving maar zal deze altijd bevragen.
Esther van Rosmalen, enabler of culture

Hector is een activist ontwerper die op allerlei vlakken bezig is met mensenrechten: in zijn grafisch ontwerp werk en in zijn persoonlijk leven. Deze activistische en humanistische kanten verbinden alles wat hij doet: hij heeft onder andere gewerkt aan projecten over Inheemse Volkeren-rechten, polyamorie, en asielzoekers in Nederland. Hij is ontzettend kritisch op normen, waarden en machtsrelaties, waardoor hij alles bevraagt en geïnteresseerd is in al het lees of luistervoer dat daaraan verbonden is. Hector staat als persoon voor een eerlijke, veilige, duurzame en vrije wereld waarin mensen de ruimte krijgen om zichzelf te zijn.
Jemma Middleton, cultureel antropoloog en ontwikkelingssocioloog